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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does this work?

      Your crew and subcontractors will use our app to manage their tasks. As they update the status of each task, that update is sent to the feed for you to see as the task is updated.

    • Can subcontractors use this?

      Yes! The original app was built for the subcontractor in mind. If you work by yourself or manage crews and/or other subcontractors, you can use the platform as well.

    • Can I see multiple projects?

      Yes! Our project feeds can show you all your projects and you will be able to sort them based on what your looking for.

    • Do my subcontractors need to have the app?

      They do in order for you to get the updated information in real-time. The good news for your subcontractors is that they will also get real-time information related to their work as well.

    • Where is ZenHammer based?

      We have offices in Johnson City TN and in St. Louis MO.

    • Do you provide training?

      Yes we do. When you sign up, we will have a training to teach your crew and/or subcontractors how to properly use the platform.

    • Is your pricing flexible?

      Yes, we have a pricing system based on your needs.

    • How does your invoicing work?

      We use Stripe to manage our invoicing system. When you sign up for invoicing, you will setup your account with Stripe as well. They handle all the money.

    • How do I get started?

      Click on our signup form and we’ll set up a time to go over your needs and then set a date for us to onboard you.